Laddawn-made bags, film and tubing are manufactured in the U.S.A. using 100% renewable energy. These are Smart Tech Bags™ formulations, engineered to provide over 3X the impact and 2X the tensile strength of traditional low-density polyethylene bags. Greater and more reliable physical performance enables you to buy lower gauge (thinner) bags, film and tubing, and increases the likelihood of reuse.

Smart Tech Bags™ are the perfect blend of technology and source reduction -- balancing strength, gauge, and cost to reduce the toxicity and amount of trash entering the waste stream.

Greater and more reliable physical performance enables you to buy lower gauge (thinner) bags, film and tubing, and increases the likelihood of reuse.

Reduce / Reuse
Using less is the best way to save landfill space and energy and to reduce greenhouse gases. For every ton of low density polyethylene (LDPE) reduced or reused, energy consumption is lowered by 74 million BTUs.

That’s a little more energy than is required to power an average family car for one year. You’ll also reduce greenhouse emissions by 0.62 metric tons.

Recycled plastics use about two thirds less energy than virgin material because they don’t have to be transformed from their raw state.

For every ton of LDPE recycled, 56 million BTUs of energy are saved. You’ll also reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 0.46 metric tons.

Smart Manufacturing
Not only are products made with Smart Tech Bags™ technologies non-toxic and completely recyclable, their production employs best practices to reduce energy consumption.

Better still, the manufacturing of Smart Tech Bags™ yields 0% pre-consumer waste.

Energy Consumption & Greenhouse Gases
Manufacturing processes are energy intensive and almost all of the electricity produced in the U.S. comes from the combustion of fossil fuels like oil, coal and natural gas.

Carbon dioxide (CO2), a primary byproduct of fossil fuel combustion, is one of the most common greenhouse gases, which are recognized as contributing to global climate change. Each year, over 20 billion tons of CO2 are generated through the combustion of fossil fuels alone. That is about two times the amount of CO2 that nature can convert.

Laddawn now buys renewable energy generated from sources like wind and solar. For every 13,000 MWh of traditional electricity we eliminate from the manufacturing process, we avoid 18 million pounds of CO2 emissions. That’s the equivalent of taking 1,740 cars off the road for 1 year.§

Bags, film and tubing made with Smart Tech Bags™ technologies are available exclusively through America’s packaging distributors.

If you are an end user, insist on Smart Tech Bags™ from your local packaging distributor.

If you are a packaging reseller, contact us at technicalservice@smarttechbags.com to become an authorized distributor of Smart Tech Bags™ products.

ⱡ Source: U.S. EPA/ Northeast Recycling Council (NERC)
§ Source: U.S. Department of Energy